Kemp's Ridley Nest 2021

Nest #1 on Holden Beach 2021 was a record breaking nest. In May 8 it was the first nest laid in North Carolina this season and the first Kemp’s Ridley turtle to nest on Holden Beach since the HBPT has been keeping records. It was also the first nest to hatch in the state in 2021.

The dedicated Turtle Patrol members were MaryK McGinley (team lead), Sally Norris, Corki and Steve Jarvis, Karen Keith and Bonita McNeill (trainee). They were under the direction of Project Coordinator, Pat Cusack and Assistant Coordinators Karen Rice, John Cifelli and Peter Palermo. The HBTP works under a permit from the NC Department of Wildlife Resources.
87 hatchlings were assisted into the ocean after an early morning boil. The nest was inventoried July 17 and 90 egg shells were found.

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Sunrise boil

Nesting Mother May 8.2021

# 1 TEAM

Unhatched egg

Inventory of the nest

Sunrise Boil 87 hatchlings

Hatchlings within the collar

Crowd at nest closing July 17.2021

Kemp's Ridley Hatchlings

Hatchlings July 14

Team #1 after successful boil

Hatchling Kemp's Ridley

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