Nest #69 of 2013

Nest #69 was laid on August 12, 2013. 113 eggs were moved slightly west to 145 OBW. The nest was collared on October 1 and members of the HBTP visited the nest for 17 nights until 54 babies "boiled" out on October 17. There was no "depression" or sinking of the sand indicating the babies were hatching. When the team arrived at 6:15 p.m. they were heading towards the ocean. The morning rider the next day also recorded numerous babies out overnight. Six additional babies were seen on day 19. The nest was closed on October 20 when 34 more babies were found and released into the ocean. The nest had a total of 106 babies.

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Collared nest

Still waiting............

Watching a nest--also quality time on the beach


On my way

Side exit

Baby loggerhead

Into the ocean

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