Spock the turtle released after year in the hospital

A subadult loggerhead turtle, Spock was stranded June 4, 2020 in Holden Beach, NC. When found his carapace was covered with grasses that weighed him down and he was obviously in distress.
Turtle Patrol members had to wade into the water to rescue him. Due to cataracts he could not see to find food and was very underweight. Other photos are of his rescue by stranding team members. The HBTP stranding team took him to the turtle hospital. If left untreated the cataracts would have prevented him from returning to the wild. The turtle hospital veterinarian and the wonderful team at NC State College of Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Hospital performed innovative cataract surgery, restoring Spock's vision. After the surgery, staff members and volunteers had to put drops in his eyes five times a day. Good news, he was released back into the ocean on June 2, 2021. And he was so ready! He charged full speed ahead into the water, eager to start hunting crabs and whelk and other wild food.

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Spock Stranded Turtle Released

Spock stranding June 4, 2020

Spock on Holden Beach June 2020

On the way to the turtle hospital

Stranding Team rescue

Spock's rescue

Stranding team in action

Spock in distress

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