The Story of Nest #103 in 2019

Nest #103 was laid on August 1, 2019. The 106 eggs from this nest were moved. All was going well until Hurricane Dorian came through in early September leaving two feet of sand on top of the nest. The determined adoption team found the nest and dug a deep pit to uncover the Fox cage and original surface. They watched the nest each evening, even building a ramp so hatchling turtles could climb out of the nest if they hatched while no one was there. Although the next suffered considerable adversity, while hopeful, the team was concerned about the viability of the eggs. Luckily, two hatchlings did survive and eagerly went to the ocean. Sadly the other 104 eggs were not viable.
Photos courtesy of Susan McCaskill Morgan and Terri Huffstetler.

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After the hurricane.

Two feet of sand on top

Finding the top of the fox cage

The original surface of the nest

Shoveling lots of sand off the top

More sand

Ramp to surface

Finding eggs

Sadly 104 eggs did not develop

Live hatchlings

Show the crowd the baby

One of two surviving babies

Digging down, perhaps there are more survivors

Total 104 non-viable eggs.

Rebury the eggs...back to nature.


Returning the beach to it's original condition.

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