Tuesday Turtle Trivia 2020

During COVID-19 in 2020 the restrictions on large group gatherings caused the cancellation of the traditional Turtle Talk educational programs.
As a virtual alternative, the Town of Holden Beach asked a Tuesday Turtle Trivia Question each week on their Facebook page. This was then answered by the Turtle Patrol.
See how much you know about the turtles that nest on our beach? All of these photos were from the 2020 season.
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Tuesday Turtle Trivia

Tuesday Turtle Trivia week #1 Which sea turtle most often lay their nests on Holden Beach?

Week #2 Q: Do momma turtles really come back to the same beach they were born?

Week #3 How does the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol know where the mothers have laid their nests?

Week #4 : Do momma turtles come ashore and nest more when it’s a full moon?

Tuesday Turtle Trivia Week #5 Q: How are turtle nests on the beach marked?

Week #6 Q: When do Turtle Patrol members start watching nests for hatchlings?

Week #7 Q: How do Turtle Patrol members know that a nest is going to hatch?

Week #8 Q: What is happening in a nest once the baby turtles hatch out of their eggs?

Week #9 How do the babies get out of the nest?

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